6 Of The Best Vacation Dining Spots In NYC

Picking a place to eat in NYC can be about as overwhelming as going to a grocery store when you’re hungry.

There are so many options!! But we don’t mess around.

The key to having a great NYC eating experience is to keep things spontaneous but also have some spots picked out.

We like to plan and knock out some of NYC’s best dining spots in the smartest way possible. The goal is to hit the most amazing places with the best atmosphere while we’re here.

So we’re sharing our action plan to get the best food experience. Here are 6 places we have an insane desire to go BACK and eat at again.

*keep reading to get our tips on how to score a table at Lilia which is known for being hard to get a table
**pair these food experiences with your {insert tickets for festival plug} itinerary to get the best NY experience

We love NY!!! You have to try (in no particular order):

For Your Next Brunch:

Fabrique Bakery

Neighborhood: Meatpacking District Type: Swedish global chain bakery

Type: Swedish global chain bakery

Think cinnamon buns, ham and cheese croissants, sourdough bread, and bistro seating.

Do yourself a favor and get the CARDAMOM BUN and let us know if you ever find one better in the world.

The place is so much fun! It’s small with a minimalist look, and white tile and glass interior.

And you won’t need a reservation.

Good Thanks

Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Type: Australian cafe/bakery with brunch staples

LOTS OF HEALTHY OPTIONS (avocado toast, smoothies with collagen). Casual atmosphere, no reservations needed.

Best Damn Dinner Options:


Neighborhood: Brooklyn Type: Haute Italian

Type: Haute Italian


The service, ambience, food…A plus. Missy Robin’s is the chef & she just kills it in every way possible.

This is a total special occasion spot, their interior is chic, classic casual. Seriously go!!! It’s the best.

There is also Lilia cafe which is open during the day for brunch.

+ Here’s one major tip. If your goal is to eat here, the best way to snag a table is either to call between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m 718-576-3095 and to set a Notify on resy.com ahead of time. I would add that yes they do accept walk-ins to eat at the bar.


Neighborhood: Williamsburg Type: Simple Italian Cooking

Type: Simple Italian Cooking

This is Missy Robin’s second location. THEIR PASTAS ARE DIE. They also have the most delicious homemade gelato.

Think clean, white dining room with a view of the Williamsburg Bridge.
+To book a table, use the same tips we recommend for booking at Lilia and call.


Neighborhood: Nolita
Type: Italian, American classics


Super casual. Book ahead of time and be prepared for bustling crowds. That or order food to your hotel if you’re looking for a quieter experience.

La Mercerie

Neighbourhood: Soho
Type: Old School French cooking

Their crepes are life changing. THEIR CROISSANTS ARE JUST HEAVEN.

Plus (somewhat of a love story here…): their chef, Marie-Aude Rose married to another chef Daniel Rose, open up restaurants together. This is one of them.

It’s an all-day-cafe (brunch, lunch, and dinner) located inside an upscale artisan furniture shop. Bonus, you can try out all crafted dinnerware and then buy after should you fall in love.

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