Streamlined Booking

Enjoy a simple reservation process through the customizable online portal for attendees, sponsors, personnel, friends, family, and more! 

Event Travel Management

Event travel management is a relatively new concept, and Crewfare is a company on the forefront of this exciting new way to see the world.

If you want to see different parts of the globe and create your travel experience around an event or festival that you’ve always wanted to experience, we’ve definitely got you covered.

Creating A Comfortable Work Environment

Our strategic meetings management team can even create a comfortable work environment for you away from your home office, or even help you to step out of your comfort zone if you like.

Special Trip For You

Let’s Create A Special Trip For You!

The next time you’re interested in having a corporate event, contact our ETM events team today and let us put together an events program that will check all of your boxes.

From engaging event technology to venue sourcing, engaging event experiences, agenda planning, event theming, post event reporting and much more, our event specialists create corporate hospitality events every day.

And we’d love to do so for you and your employees as well!

Team Building and Meetings

Through incentive travel programs, support services, travel management and innovative solutions, we can create a group travel plan for you.

Maybe you want to do a little team building or simply hold meetings and conduct business in a different space and capturing a whole new vibe.

Recharge Your Batteries

With the support of Crewfare, our incentive programs, strategic advice and management team, you’ll have a trip you’ll never forget.

Recharge those batteries and motivate your staff by enjoying an event in the local region or halfway around the world.

Destinations Around The World

Crewfare has a wide selection of unique destinations and our event management team creates transformative corporate event experiences regularly.

When it comes to corporate travel management, Crewfare is the best in the business.

New events to travel

A Worldwide Network At Your Disposal

Because this is what we do, we’ve built up a worldwide network and have expert teams ready to give connected experiences to our growing list of clients.

Ala Carte Travel

Many of our customers want to design their trip around a specific entertainment experience, others want to have meetings or conferences while they’re away. Either way, we can make a plan for you and manage the entire experience for you and your company.

Creating Your Unique Experience

We simply need to create a budget, look at the latest travel news and get to work on creating your specific event and/or business travel experience.

When we’re done creating your trip for you, you’ll really need to simply click on the link we provide and get ready for your events centered pleasure or business experience.


A Long History Of Satisfied Clients

Inspire people on your staff with our unique blend of events experiences. Our ETM customer management team has been satisfying clients for several years, and we’re ready to do the same for your company and/or management professionals.

When it comes to event management and corporate travel management, we put our innovative event technology, local service solutions, group travel skills and global buying power to work in order to create team building and event travel experiences for our clients.

It’s what we do, it’s what we love to do and it’s what we’ve been trained to do. We enjoy creating trips tied around events, conferences, meetings and other business services and obligations.

Festival group travel management experience

Work Hard And Play Hard

Work hard during the day and play hard at night with a unique, events based travel experience designed by Crewfare.

If you’re tired of having meetings and conferences at home, let’s get you on a plane and allow you to access other areas of the world, while still satisfying your clients, employees and shareholders.

Delegate And Enjoy!

Hiring a company like Crewfare to handle your group travel management can pay for itself many times over. By using our services, you can delegate travel responsibilities and headaches and let us handle all of the behind the scenes stuff for you and your party.

Where Do You Want To Go?

We have a long list of events around the world that we can tie your trip around.

So whether you have an event in mind or you simply want your company name to be represented in strategic meetings around the world, we can help!

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Call today and let us plan a trip for you and your party that you’ll never forget!

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