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Festival Travel

More than two billion trips are taken annually by Americans within the 50 United States. It’s a huge industry, even without including international travel and foreign residents who take a trip to see sites within the USA.

Many of these trips involve attending a festival or event of some sort, of which there’s certainly no shortage of every year and in every state in America.

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Two Passions - One Goal

Why use crewfare for festival travel

Crewfare combines these two passions for people who want to explore the country while also taking part in some of America’s greatest annual festivals and events.

Festival travel allows you to include your friends and/or family members while truly enjoying a particular destination in the United States or even other places around the world.

We'll Get The Ball Rolling

All you really need to do is determine your travel dates, decide which city you plan on visiting, how many people will be enjoying the tour and how much you want to spend.

Then contact Crewfare for more info and we’ll get the ball rolling for you and your group of travelers.

Domestic and International Events

While many top festival sites are located within the United States, we do offer trips to other countries as well on an as needed and/or requested basis.

Popular sites outside the country include Canada, Europe, Budapest, Rio de Janeiro and more.

Festival travel is growing in market share and Crewfare is one of the most respected players in this growing niche of the multi-billion dollar travel industry.

Festival travel international events

See How We're Changing Group Travel.

New Dates Every Month

New travel dates open up every month, so we encourage you to call us in person or visit our website regularly for more info.

Don’t let life pass you by – participate in some of these organized trips while taking in a wide variety of national and international festivals.

New Dates For Festival Travel

Travel With Those Who Have Similar Interests

Join one of our groups today and take a trip with those closest to you, as well as like-minded individuals from across the United States. We explore different events and festivals annually, so you can have fun many times over.

We hope you’ll contact us for more information and let us answer any questions you have about our business and our upcoming travel dates and destinations.

Our guides are available in person at all times while on a festival travel tour. Our goal is that the fun never stops and that you enjoy our festivals in whatever way is most comfortable for you and your co-travelers.

See How We're Changing Group Travel.

A Great Experience Every Time

We have the experience and the staff to ensure that your trip is unique and enjoyable. Our guides are required and ready to cater to your needs – our goal is a first-rate experience for every guest, every time!

Everyone at Crewfare works very hard to review different sites and events, contracting with only the best and the biggest.

Festival travel great experiences

Unique Experiences

We search tirelessly for experiences that will give our customers what they’re looking for in the world of travel, and that’s a quality trip that’s centered around a festival or event that we feel our clients will love.

Read about our products and upcoming travel dates online and choose the one that’s right for you and your party. We’ll respond ASAP and send you information that will help you make an informed decision about your upcoming travel plans and the festivals you’d like to enjoy.

Planning Your Travel Experience

Once you’ve found the offer/trip you’d like to pursue, you can book and pay using USD and then you’re all set! We’ll immediately get to work on planning your travel experience and you can expect to receive more information from us within a few days.

Just be sure to take your time and subscribe to the trip you’re confident you and your party will most enjoy.

Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

You’ll find our staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They can address your concerns, tell you everything to bring on your trip and can even help you book your festival travel vacation experience in the United States or Europe, including any transfers, train tickets and other booking concerns.

This is what they train for, so don’t feel shy about asking them about any concerns or issues you have.

They’ll take note of your concerns and address them as quickly and as accurately as they can.

Call today! We can’t wait to begin planning your unique festival travel experience.

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