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Small Group Travel Companies

The majority of tours that involve more than a couple of people are in the neighborhood of 10-20 family members, co-workers or professional colleagues. Some are bigger and some are smaller, but this is where the majority seem to come in at.

Small Group Tours

These fall under the category of small group tours and are a rising demographic in both the United States and abroad.

These small groups usually use a tour operator or someone in the travel industry who is well versed and experienced at dealing with this particular type of trip.

Visit Spots Anywhere In The World

Many small group journeys visit popular spots around the world, some that are very well known and others that are a bit off the beaten path. South America, the Middle East, Central America and Western Europe are all popular destinations for small group tours these days.

How About Some Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel is also growing in popularity, trips that involve activities like African safaris, white water rafting excursions and other things that are known to get your heart pounding and your adrenaline pumping.

Work With An Expert On Small Group Tours

These types of small group tours are often popular with active adults looking for their next adventure but they do sometimes have a maximum group size.

And that’s why working with a small group tour expert can be crucial to ensuring a fun and memorable time for all travelers on the trip.

Vet And Then Vet Again

Any destination you visit should be properly and completely vetted before committing to spending several days there with both old and new friends.

It can be fun to explore a new destination and have a bold new adventure, but be sure that the place you’re going fits well with your group and that everyone is on board before you visit.

Spend Quality Time With Those Important To You

A small group tour is a great way to spend fun, quality time with your family, your friends or even your co-workers.

But booking this type of travel without the help of someone well versed in these types of trips can prove costly in both the short term and the long term.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Imagine being in northern Canada with someone who hates the cold, in Nashville with someone who despises country music or in Napa Valley with people who don’t know the difference between red wine and Kool-Aid.

Those people are going to be unhappy and so are you. And this is anything but an ideal situation when you’re away from home for several days.

So be sure that the tour you book fits with the travel styles of the people who are coming along.

We Can Give You Options To Discuss

The larger the group, the harder this may be. But we’d recommend having several meetings, either formally or informally, to go over some of the choices.

This is something we can help you with

Present Choices To The Group

Give us a ring and we’ll give you a number of options that you can then present to the group to discuss and even vote on, if you choose.

Pick The Right Trip

It could be hard to get everyone to agree on the same destination, but it can be done. And if it can’t, then majority will probably have to rule at some point.

Finding The Right Fit For Everyone

At Crewfare, we try to match our tours with people who are genuinely interested in not only the destination, but also in what will be happening in the area during the time of their tour or visit.

This can be a well-known festival or an event that’s being planned, or a number of other things.

Tours Don’t Come Around Every Day

Not only should our clients be enjoying their free time at the destination of their choice, but the tour they choose should give them that little extra something.

Tours don’t happen every day or even every year. So when these tours do come around, you want to be sure that it matches up well with your interests.

This Is What We Do

This means retaining the services of a group travel expert like Crewfare. This is what we do every day of the year and we have contacts and colleagues all over the world, people who are dedicated to giving you and your fellow travelers the trip of a lifetime.

From local communities to destinations halfway around the world, we’re ready to create a trip you’ll never forget.

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We can’t wait to talk to you and get to work on your group excursion!

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