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Travel Event Planner

For group travel revolving around a particular event or festival, hiring an event planner to do the behind the scenes work can prove invaluable.

Ensuring A Successful Trip

Travel event planners can help plan corporate events, meetings and conferences as well as other services you and your colleagues or friends need to ensure a successful travel event experience.

Solid Communication Is Key

Effective event planning and event management revolve around good communication between the client, the venue and the personal or corporate travel team.

The Connections And The Means

Crewfare has been in this business for a very long time and we have the connections and the means to create a travel event experience you’ll never forget.

travel event planner

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Choose Your Event And Let's Go!

Travel event planning can take place in cities and countries around the world.

You need only to determine your budget, partner with the right company and find the event you’d like to devise your conference or travel around.

Travel Programs

Many incentive travel programs have been developed over the years by Crewfare and other event management companies.

Travel Event Planning Programs​

See How We're Changing Group Travel.

Easy Planning

We can help you and your company find and take advantage of special offers, which can make planning your conference and your trip easier and more fiscally responsible.

Asking The Right Questions

We begin our travel event planning by having meetings with our customers and determining their wants and needs.

Our travel associates have been trained to ask a number of questions that will help our customers in planning their trip from the aspect of pre-travel readiness.

Easy Travel Event Planning

Examples of Questions

Questions that can be asked of customers during the planning of a trip include:

  • Is this a business or company trip?
  • Are meetings or conferences part of the trip?
  • Which event and/or region most appeals to the team?
  • What type of accommodation is required?
  • What kinds of entertainment can be provided?
  • Any incentives that can be taken advantage of?
  • Would you or your business associates like to attend several events or just one?
  • How much support is wanted or needed during the planning phase?

Finding The Right Events

These are all questions that form the very core of an effective event planning campaign.

Once our team has answered these questions and determined the core goals of the trip, as well as which events you’d like to attend, we can get to work on finding these events and creating an itinerary.

Other Elements Considered

Other elements that will help design the best possible program for all attendees will also be considered.

Finding The Right Travel Events Planning

Planning For Future Years

Crewfare can also provide post event reporting that will help with future event planning efforts.

There are a countless number of events every year around the United States and other parts of the globe, plenty of chances for you and your team to have lasting events each and every year if you like.

The Best In The Business

Event planning by Crewfare is the best in the business. Our team is standing by to provide you with everything you need for a fantastic travel event experience.

Let's Get Started!

If you want to take a trip and design it around a specific event or festival, event planning by Crewfare can give you a trip that will check all of your boxes.

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