Layaway Payment Plan Policy

Effective Date: December 01, 2021 The Layaway Payment Plan is an easy and convenient option for customers who do not want to pay for the entire trip up front at Checkout. Customers who use the Layaway Payment Plan can break up the total cost into multiple scheduled payments that are charged directly and automatically to their payment cards.


At Checkout, customers shall be presented with the option of selecting to purchase their bookings through the Layaway Payment Plan. Customers who select this option will be required to pay a reduced upfront charge with the remaining balance divided into multiple scheduled payment sums. Customers will be required to enter their payment card information. The initial payment and the remining scheduled payments shall be made through this payment card. The payment card will be automatically charged for the scheduled payments. The Customer shall be provided with a payment plan schedule clearly indicating the date and amount that will be automatically withdrawn through the payment card provided. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available for the scheduled payments and that the payment card is not expired.


Payments made through the Layaway Payment Plan are non-refundable. Customers who are unable to make all of the payments, or who decide they no longer wish to attend the Event will not have their booking guaranteed and will not receive a refund on any amounts already paid.


If a scheduled automatic payment through the Layaway Payment Plan fails for any reason, Customer will receive a notice to the email provided to Crewfare advising the Customer that there will be another attempt in three (3) days. After three days, if the second payment attempt fails, the Customer will receive a second email advising them that there will be a third attempt in three (3) days. After another three days, if the third payment attempt fails, then the Customer will receive a notice that payment has failed and that their booking has been cancelled. If Customer’s order is cancelled for non-payment, Customer may call Crewfare to reinstate the order. Crewfare will make its best efforts to reinstate the order provided that there is still availability and Customer is able to pay the remaining balance of the entire order at that time. However, if there is no more availability or Customer is not able to pay the remaining balance, Crewfare will be unable to reinstate the order and all previous installment payments will not be refunded.


If you have any questions about the Layaway Payment Plan Policy, please contact us at: Crewfare, LLC (786) 400-2739 2678 Edgewater Ct. Weston, FL 33332